Posted by Dave Linsk

WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ - Pure Tone Technologies and AP International have announced the newest addition to their lineup: the Pure Tone Barrel Jack.  Comprised entirely of highly-conductive copper and with greater surface area at all contact points, this new panel-mount jack boasts full contact for optimal signal and lowest possible noise.  The proprietary jack design creates a more stable connection, locking the cable securely in place and carrying more signal.  Most importantly, the Pure Tone Jack eliminates the infamous “crackle” noise caused by pressure grounds.  This long-threaded jack can be used in both mono and stereo applications.

Available now, the new Pure Tone PTT5 Barrel Jack will be on display at Winter NAMM in Anaheim.  AP International, distributors of Floyd Rose, KTS Titanium, Haramis Musical Hardware, and more are exclusive distributors of the product.